The AMPT Navigator Series provides condensed critical information and learning for stakeholders who need to dive deeper into advanced material subjects over several-course series. The three to five courses that make up an AMPT Navigator Series provide the opportunity to learn more about specific advanced material subjects and how they relate to important topics. Meanwhile, the crash course format of individual courses provides the flexibility to customize the learning path depending on your goals and learning needs.

  • Designed and led by global experts and thought leaders with years of experience in the field

  • 360° Professional Training & Executive Education

  • Providing executive training, strategic insight and state of the art business and industry information and intelligence

  • Help you expand into new markets, evolve vision and direction, create a competitive edge and lead one’s organization to success.

Topics span Public Health, Regulatory Considerations, Commercialization, Global Crisis Response, Evaluating Use Cases, Creating Competitive Edge through Advanced Materials, End-user Industry Innovation and more. 

 Whether you take a single course or the entire course series, the navigators are here to help you navigate complex challenges, expand your horizons and propel your industry forward.  

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Available Courses

Every month we will be adding new courses and introducing new series on everything you need to navigate the world of Advanced Materials.

What is AMPT?

Advanced Material Pandemic and Future Preparedness Taskforce (AMPT) is an international public-interest initiative focused on using Advances in Material Science to help solve some of humanity's most pressing challenges. As an international cooperative platform, the multidisciplinary taskforce is building a global infrastructure and an ecosystem network that enables the advanced material community to respond swiftly and effectively under the umbrella of Future Preparedness. Currently with over 15 country chapters, 10 working groups and over 30 institutions, AMPT is set to establish a comprehensive roadmap, library of knowledge and map of user-centric needs to to deliver a framework to devise strategies, coordinate global activities and fast track solutions to address the technological and societal needs of the post pandemic world.

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